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News !!
Didgearth Records is Proud to present to all of you our first Digital Release called

It is a world compilation of Didgeridoo music, with 19 excellent tracks that will blow your mind.
Artists from all over the world with one cause; aboriginal rights and respect for the mother earth.

Support it, Share it, Download it !!

The Global Didgeridoo Concert for the Burrup and all Sacred Land is a gift from the World that was touched by it's fascination with that instrument and the Culture that gave it to them.
Through the Many Players that left their Ancient country to travel and share their stories and their Music, seeds were sown that in this musical offering return the gift so generously shared.The Burrup Peninsula Rock Art was the catalyst in what is hoped to be an ongoing Campaign to respect and protect our Human Heritage.
Thank you very much for all your support!, This work would not have been possible without the Big help of all the artists, Mark Lawrence, Paddy Tobin and the support of Cathryn Murdoch. The Cd cover and musical material was selected and designed in the studio of Mack Yidhaky for Didgearth Records, 2013.


Didgearth Records esta orgulloso de presentar a todos Uds. Nuestro primer Varios Artistas en formato digital llamado:
Esta es una compilación a nivel mundial de artistas del Didgeridoo, con 19 pistas que volaran tu mente.
Artistas del todo el mundo por una sola causa; Derecho a los Aborígenes del mundo y respeto por nuestra Madre Tierra.
Apoya, Comparte, Descargalo !!

Muchas Gracias a todos uds. Por su apoyo!, este trabajo no hubiera sido posible sin la gran ayuda de todos los artistas involucrados, así como también de Mark Lawrence, Paddy Tobin y el apoyo de Cathryn Murdoch. El disco, caratula, selección y dis 35cb eño fueron creados en el estudio de Mack Yidhaky para el sello Didgearth Records, 2013.


Track List:

01 Josh Watoe Watkinson & Paddy Tobin - 01 Josh Watoe Watkinson & Paddy Tobin - The Great Story (Australia)

02 Iban Nikolai - 02 Iban Nikolai - Dreaming (Spain)

03 Takasouffler - Ragondin Dans Les Foins (France)

04 Corrodal - The Augmentor Part 3 (Hungary)

05 Windstruck Didgeridoo - Rock Art Creation (USA)

06 Cephalodidge - Feel it (UK)

07 Hagenmayer & Hueckstaedt - Glencoe (Germany)

08 Marcabru - Weila Waila (Italy)

09 Gianni Placido - Keeping The Wire (Italy)

10 Agustina Mosca - Wilson's Creek (Argentina)

11 Adele - Busking Energy (France)

12 Rodrigo Viterbo - Watjuku (Portugal)

13 Ruben Branco - Narabullgun (Portugal)

14 Lewis Burn - Didgeridoo Sounds of The Bush (Australia)

15 Tomdoo - Karru Patal (Germany)

16 Janiwirri Forrest (Yiparrka) and Mark Atkins - Ngurli (Australia)

17 Mack Yidhaky - Orgon (Chile)

18 Swagman Didgeridoo - Journey To The Next World ( Vojvodina)

19 Jesse Lethbridge - Tall Trees (Australia)


*Release Date:
Link to Download in Friday 17 May 2013.